THC Cherry Lime

THC Cherry Lime


Every leaf is a splash of cherry that is enriched by a burst of lime carrying a satisfying sweet n’ savory flavor.

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THC Cherry Lime rich texture and explosive taste provide a euphoric and memorable experience for all its users. Using lab grade medical equipment for micro-dosing along with a premium distillate oil, EdiPure always delivers a consistent and clean product.

The effects of Cherry Lime Haze are fast and pleasant. Immediate mood elevation, increased creativity and focus, a boost of energy.

The long-lasting high of this aromatic strain is useful for a morning smoke, that will carry you through the day with ease. It will guarantee you feel uplifted for a long time.

Cherry Limeade strain weed is an evenly balanced hybrid strain that’s a cross of Black Lime Reserve and Cherry Pie. Mean Gene, the chief breeder from the Aficionado Seeds firm bred it.

Cherry Lime Haze’s lineage consists of Haze and Cherry Bomb genetics.

The Cherry Bomb is especially prevalent offering a heavy cherry scent and focused haze cerebrals.

also contributes to the strains overwhelming cherry scent, an aroma that is indicative of the sweetness of the high.

Smoking Cherry Limeade will make users positive, motivated, and filled with energy.

It is known to lift moods quite quickly and make colors brighter.

Some time after use, a sense of relaxation washes over the body, leading to a good night’s sleep.


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