THC Cherry Cola

THC Cherry Cola


With lab tested THC, minimal cannabis taste, and precise THC dosing, EdiPure? products have been formulated to change the notion of standard edible medication.

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THC Cherry Cola Edi Pure medicinal products are infused with an even amount of THC derived by using lab grade extraction methods, for a consistent medication experience.

THC Cherry Cola Farms is the breeder’s namesake cultivar, combining two Afghan strains, one from Kandahar province and one from province.

Cherry Kola is a cross between two Afghani strains. One is from the region of and the other is from the province of Kandahar.

Both are purebred landrace strains of excellent traits and qualities. Its cherry-like scent is one of the most notable qualities inherited – hence the name.

The THC level of this strain is incredibly high, with an average of 22%, which is great for advanced smokers who are looking for something a bit more unique.

It’s a potent strain that induces a euphoric buzz that isn’t only uplifting but also very relaxing. Those who use it tend to experience an overwhelming feeling of happiness.

The high experienced from smoking Cherry Kola is described as body-centered, with strong feelings of relaxation and euphoria.

After only a couple of hits, all your pent-up tension will be released, and you will feel yourself sinking deeper into your chair.

This feeling lasts for hours, with tons of tingles and bliss. The haziness of the high is long-lasting and only subsides when you’re ready to fall asleep.

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