Chemdawg preroll

Chemdawg preroll


Chemdawg has the ability to amplify sensory experiences also makes it particularly good for creative endeavors. Many users report a palpable sense of physical relaxation.

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Buy Chemdawg preroll, also known as “Chemdawg,” is a slightly indicia dominant hybrid strain with unknown genetics due a high level of breeder secrecy and a mix of urban legends about its origins.

Chemdawg preroll strong cerebral high has made it valuable in treating some of the symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, and even PTSD.

Some fans of the strain describe relief from chronic pain and migraines as well.

Even though its true backstory is relatively unknown, this bud has been a favorite for many years and has parented such infamous strains as Sour Diesel and OG Kush.

The Chem Dawg high very calming and euphoric in nature with well-balanced head and body effects.

It starts with an uplifted effect that boosts your mood and replaces any negative or racing thoughts with blissful happiness.

This bud has a classic aroma of pungent earthy diesel with a sharp skunkiness that fills any room. The taste is a little milder, with a flavor of sweet diesel accented by sharp chemicals and earth.

Chem Dawg buds have airy yet somehow dense dark olive green spade-shaped nugs with a spattering of dark orange hairs and very tiny sparse amber-tinted crystal trichomes.

Because of its potency and mental focus, Chemdawg has the potential to trigger the kind of manic, recursive thinking that can lead to paranoia.

As such, even users with a high tolerance for THC are advised to moderate their intake accordingly.

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