How To Buy Pink Berry Strain

Buy pink berry strain
June 16, 2021 caliplug 0 Comments

Buy Pink Berry Strain is a combination of Pink Champagne and Blackberry first bred by the team at Apothecary Genetics. Consumers report Pink Berry features whiffs of berries, grapes, and dank exotic fruit.

Buy Pink Berry Strain smoke is smooth and creamy, with notes of buttery fruit and sugar.

Pink Berry is an easy-to-grow indicia hybrid that develops into small, bushy plants.

The strain succeeds in indoor and outdoor environments, preferring a semi-humid climate and plenty of sunshine.

The flavor of Pink Berry is one for the ages, with sweet and fruity sugary buttery tastes that’s almost like eating a fresh cup of berry flavored frozen yogurt.

The smell takes on a creamy Kush turn, mixing rich floral with fruity sweet berry for a mouthwateringly addictive aroma that will leave you begging for more.

The high in itself is just as sweet, perfect for kicking back at the end of a long day or when you need a little extra help to fall asleep at night.

You’ll feel a tingly body high that eases you into deep relaxation while your mind wanders through euphoric introspection. 

Pink Berry requires occasional trimming to prevent its wide fan-leaves from blocking light to its lower nodes.

Pink Berry Marijuana ExperienceA descendant of OG lineage, Pink Berry is tasty and laidback.

While not the most potent strain in the world, this flower provides a high that’s likely to be enjoyable for just about everyone.

This strain features up to 16 percent THC on average, and some buds may even produce as high as 5 or 6 percent CBD.

The cultivar flowers in six to seven weeks indoors or late September outside. Pink Berry is available as seeds and clones.

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